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Domestic Port

Dear Wine Lover,

Port is from Portugal; everyone knows this. 

So, I off handedly opened this bottle thinking this was just another "wanna be" NOT! This California Port is so good, that I took the other sample home and had to delay this email waiting for the replacement bottle to make the video! 

This is the real deal and actually carried depth and character that is missing from many Portugese Ports...and at $9.99 I am selling it for 40% less than the winery! That is correct...the winery has it at $15.00/half bottle (375ml) and we have at $9.99!
There is not a lot to go around...This is the best California Port I have tasted. Hands down. Get some now and impress your friends.

And it's made from one of the traditional Port grapes, Souzao...