Top Wine Club Rated by Consumer Reports

Dear Wine Lover,

You can give the #1 Rated Club by Consumer Reports...and FREE SHIPPING

Rated Top by Consumer Reports! But how would you know? 

I am not surprised. 

Everyone thinks they are the best. Hard to make that argument when we were the TOP RATED Wine Club by the consumer protection magazine, Consumer Reports. 

That's right. The good 'ol  Original Wine of the Month Club came out on top when Consumer Reports tasted wines from various club offerings. 

I am not surprised because I do taste 300 wines a month to select the values we send. I do have the guarantee "You never pay for a wine you do not like." I do personally check every shipment that lands here to ensure it is what I ordered. 

And I am the only club that can say "The Original Since 1972!" 

Give with confidence.

All membership gifts are FREE SHIPPING.

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