Napa Valley Rose, 2013. $4.99 Believe it.

Dear Wine Lover,

The most expensive vineyard land in America is Napa Valley. And just because it is expensive, does not automatically mean you will make good wine. There are a lot of moving parts in wine making.

That is why I am absolutely smitten with this wine.  A Napa Valley 2013 Rose. This is all that you need to know about Rose.

In Europe, Rose is king in the summer. Light on the palate and refreshing. You see it all over the sidewalk cafes. And they are dry...not sweet like the American White "whatevers". Rose should be as dry as any white wine but dance with flavors from the red wine.

Try this end of summer quaffer and learn see what the rage is...our 2013 MSH Rose from the Napa Valley.