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Wine Gift Baskets

Exquisite taste and presentation are the main features of these made-to-order food and wine baskets. Each item has been selected on its quality and taste as well as its value.

Every year we travel to the major food shows to obtain samples for our tasting panel. The result of this process is evident in the final products we have chosen. Each basket is hand-packed to order and guaranteed to arrive in pristine condition. Your gift recipients will be impressed. Select your gift basket with pride and confidence.

View our Digital Edition Gift Catalog HERE.

Wine of the Month Club 2013-14 Gift Catalog

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Viva Diva Classy Girl Wine Purse
Item # CGP
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Classy Girl Wine Purse
Item # CGWP
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The Aficionado
Item # TAFB
Barrel O' Wine Gift Basket
Concert Time Tote
Item # CTB
Chocolate Dreams
Item # CLB
Just Stylin' Wine Tote
Item # ETVB
Elegant Arrival
Item # PIB
Red High Heel Bottle Holder
Holiday Happenings Basket
Item # HGB
The Seductive Temptress
Item # SGB
Romantic Travels Tote
Item # PTB
Going Uptown Basket
Item # EIB
Wild Thing Basket
Item # PHB
Basket of Bubbly
Item # LCB
Caged for Keeps
Item # CNWB
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Perfect Pairing (Vistalba Olive Oil/Melina's Vinegar)
Item # OLV
Out of Stock
Perfect Pairing (2 btls Vistalba Olive Oil)
Item # OLO
Out of Stock
Perfect Pairing (2 btls Melina's Balsamic Vinegar)
Item # VLV
Chardonnay Rivals
Item # CHRR
Storied Vintages
Item # CVB
Napa Hedonism
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Impressive Heritage
Item # OSC
Travel to Tuscany
Item # STB
Stocked Wine Racks
Item # WR
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Viva Diva Chocolate Dreams
Item # VCLB
Viva Diva Basket of Bubbly
Item # VLCB
6 Bottle Viva Diva Wine Assortment
Item # 2OGVIVA