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March 1976 Selection of California Wine

PINOT CHARDONNAY - 1974 Wente Brothers

The Wente Brothers of Livermore bear one of the greatest names in the California wine industry. Carl Wente, the founder, came to this country in 1880 and received his first wine making experience under Charles Krug in the Napa Valley. By 1883 Wente had purchased his own vineyard in the Livermore Valley and upon this land the original winery still stands.

Much of the soil of the Wente vineyards is alluvial dep­osit washed down from the hills to the east, and containing a considerable proportion of heavy gravel. It is often said that vines growing on such soil produce the finest white wines.

The 1974 Wente Pinot Chardonnay has won many accolades in the wine press for the low price range Chardonnays, and just­ifiably so. At the Palos Verdes Chapter Les Amis du Vin Sem­inar last year it rated very high, up there with the big boys. It is light to medium yellow, has a medium strength varietal aroma, is well balanced, with body and a lingering finish. Enjoy it with fish, fowl, or light meats.

$3.75/fifth $40.50/case 12

March 1976 Selection of Imported Wine

FIXIN LA MAZIERE 1970 - Bouchard Freres

Fixin is the northernmost village of the Cote de Nuits in Burgundy. Nature here adds rich soil to the perfect com­bination of shelter and exposure which the hills provide.

The red wines from this area are unfortunately too little known but, are frequently among the best values in the way of fine Burgundy. They are generally rich and long lasting and are comparable in character and quality to their better known neighbors. When well made, they can almost equal the great wines of Gevrey-Chambertin.

The wines from the Fixin area are characterized by a deep red color and a strong bouquet. Because of their frequently high alcoholic content they can develop further with some age. Fixin La Maziere is typical of its type. Try it and judge for yourself.

$3.99/fifth $43.09/case 12


A project that has been postponed for some time is being started with this issue. We intend to publish a catalog of all the wines we carry. Here is the beginning of the catalog, listing the Cal­ifornia wines we have in stock in the specified types. 10% discount on case quantities, mix and match with any wine we stock except sale wines.


Almaden n.v.-- $2.89
Paul Masson n.v.-- 2.99
Weibel n.v.-- 3.49
Cresta Blanca n.v. --3.55
Montcalm Vintners n.v. --2.55
Korbel n.v.-- 3.75
Sonoma Vineyards n.v.-- 3.69
Beringer 1972-- 4.50
Burgess Cellars 1972-- 5.50
Kenwood 1971-- 5.00
Inglenook 1971-- 4.95
Stag's Leap Wine Cellars 1973-- 6.00
Freemark Abbey 1970-- 6.00
Freemark Abbey Cabernet Bosche 1971-- 6.75
Clos Duval 1973-- 5.97
Oakville 1971-- 6.00
Louis M. Martini 1971-- 3.50
Diamond Creek Red Rock Terrace 1973 --7.50
Diamond Creek Volcanic Hill 1973-- 7.50
Spring Mountain 1973-- 7.50
Beaulieu Beau Tour 1973-- 3.50
Beaulieu 1973-- 4.50
Robert Mondavi 1972-- 6.00
Robert Mondavi 1970 Unfined-- 12.00
Robert Mondavi 1971 Reserve-- 12.00
Charles Krug 1965 Vintage Selection -- 15.00
Charles Krug 1966 Vintage Selection-- 9.75
Charles Krug 1968 Vintage Selection-- 9.50
Charles Krug 1969 Vintage Selection-- 8.50
Charles Krug 1971 --4.50
Mayacamas 1971-- 8.00
Mayacamas 1967-- 13.50
Mayacamas 1966-- 12.50
Sebastiani n.v.-- 4.00
Sebastiani 1968-- 6.50
Sebastiani 1967 Bin 34-- 7.00
Fetzer 1971-- 5.00
Mirassou 1971-- 5.00
Llords & Elwood Cuvee 7-- 5.00
J. Pedroncelli 1972-- 3.50
Simi 1971-- 4.95
Ste. Michelle 1971-- 4.50
Foppiano 1971-- 3.75
Buena Vista n.v.-- 3.95


Trentadue 1971-- $5.25
Concannon 1969 Limited Bottling-- 7.50
Parducci 1971-- 4.25


Spring Mountain 1973 Late Harvest --12.00


Almaden n.v. --$2.89
Weibel 1967 -- 5.50
Weibel n.v.-- 3.49
Paul Masson n.v. -- 2.89
Paul Masson Estate Selection n.v.-- 5.00
Korbel n.v.-- 3.75
The Christian Brothers n.v.-- 3.25
Montcalm n.v.-- 2.55
Charles Krug 1970-- 4.50
Charles Krug 1967 Vintage Selection --6.95
Parducci 1970-- 4.00
Llords & Elwood Velvet Hill Cuvee 9-- 4.50
Wente Brothers 1971 --3.25
Buena Vista n.v.-- 3.95
Freemark Abbey n.v.-- 5.50
Simi n.v.-- 4.50
Robert Mondavi 1973-- 5.25
David Bruce 1972-- 7.50
Mount Eden 1972-- 15.00
Beaulieu Beau Velours 1973-- 3.50
Beaulieu Beaumont 1972-- 4.50
Hanzell 1968-- 11.00
Hanzell 1970-- 10.00
Hanzell 1971-- 9.00
Sebastiani n.v.-- 3.50
Beringer 1970-- 4.00
Louis Martini 1972-- 3.50
Inglenook 1971-- 4.50
J. Pedroncelli 1972-- 3.50

In case of typographical error A.B.C. posted prices prevail. Revised 3/76.


Chateau Montelena 1973-- $6.50
Mount Eden 1973-- 20.00
Robert Mondavi 1973-- 6.50
Freemark Abbey 1972-- 6.50
Beaulieu Beaufort 1973-- 4.50
J. Pedroncelli 1973-- 3.50
Charles Krug 1974-- 4.50
Inglenook 1974-- 4.95
Wente Brothers 1974-- 3.75
Simi 1972-- 4.50
Louis Martini 1972-- 3.50
Llords & Elwood 1973-- 4.25
Monterey Vineyard 1974-- 4.25
Parducci 1973-- 4.00
Sebastiani 1973-- 3.50
San Martin n.v.-- 3.00
Montcalm n.v.-- 2.55
Beringer 1972-- 5.00
Paul Masson Estate Selection n.v.-- 4.00
Paul Masson n.v.-- 2.99
Weibel n.v.-- 3.49
Almaden n.v.-- 2.89


* Piesporter Goldtropfchen Riesling Auslese 1971er-- $9.60
* Rauenthaler Steinmacher Riesling 1970er-- $3.49
* Deidesheimer Hofstuck Kabinett 1973er-- $3.95
* Assmannhauser-Havemeyer 1970er-- $5.99
* Wehlener Sonnenuhr-Kabinett Joh. Jos. Prum 1973er-- $7.25
* Jaffelin Pouilly-Fuisse 1972-- $7.50
* Chateau Citran 1970-- $4.25
* Chateau Guibeau 1969-- $4.25
* Chateau Lamartre 1971-- $3.89
* Joseph Drouhin Santenay 1971-- $4.95

All evaluated by our Wine Buying Panel and passed as excellent in their class.

"Wine of the Month" PROGRAM


– for a fun way of discovering new wines each month. We select one domestic and one imported wine and feature it in our wine shop. We send you a bottle of each selection monthly. We send you a newsletter describing the wine and its background. We restrict our selections to the popular price range, not to exceed $10.00 for the two bottles of wine each month.

If you are new to wines, it is a good way to learn about them. If you are a seasoned connoisseur, we invite you to test our evaluations and make your recommendations for future selections.

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Please send me the domestic and imported selection each month.

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