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June 1977 Selection of California Wine


The road to a fine California Pinot Noir to match the elegance of the great French Burgundies has been the longest and hardest of any California varietal. That is why it is with great pleasure we introduce this months domestic selection, Llords & Elwood Pinot Noir.

Located in Monterey and owned and operated by the Richard Elwood family, Llords & Elwood has always had an excellent rep­utation for it's Velvet Hill Pinot Noir. This dedication bottling, to the original founder, Mike Elwood wine maker, is by far their best achiev­ement if not one of the best produced in California wine history. It is a blend of '72,'73, and '74 Pinot Noir grapes, primarily 1974, all of which have aged in 60gallon oak barrels. There is a definite Burgundy varietal character, a peppery, complex and full flavor that heretofore has been missing from this grape when produced in California.

While it is drinking beautifully today, with at least 11/2 hours of breathing time, we strongly recommend that you put several of these fine bottles away for dinking 4-5 years from now. It will be worth the wait. Sadly there is none left at the winery and we can only supply our custom­ers from our existing inventory. To find this much quality in a French wine would cost you $8 to $9.00. Serve with robust dishes... a great buy:

$4.50/fifth $48.60/case

June 1977 Selection of Imported Wine


The family firm of F.E. Hugel et Fils was founded in 1639, and is regarded throughout the world as being the singularly most outstanding grower/shipper of Al­satian wines.

Cuvee Les Amours is a wine of exceptional balance and style. Produced exclusively from the noble Pinot

June Finds

Here are this months finds. Every wine offered is personally tasted and evaluated by our wine managers for value versus qual­ity. These prices are net prices.

Saint Emilion. Grand Cru. Outstanding find. Well aged, and yet more life to it. Shows breed.
REG. $9.99/fifth SALE $6.99/fifth $104.85/case of 15

Regional bottled by A&R Barr­iere Freres. Typical dry Sauv­ignon Blanc with fruity and well balanced taste.
REG. $2.99/fifth SALE $2.49/fifth $29.88/case

Usually a blending grape. This is an excellent wine on its own.
$6.85/fifth $73.98/case

Good nose and can be drunk now. Fairly dry and robust.
$3.25/fifth $35.10/case

Temptingly sweet, very nice nose and a good quality riesling. This is the second new wine for us from this winery.
$4.25/fifth $45.90/case


Wine lockers, temperature controlled between 53-60 F. are now available for our customers, for rent on an annual basis. Each locker holds at least 10 cases of wine. The cost is 36q: per case per month, which ex­tends out to $43.20 rental per year for our 10 case module of lockers.

Three shelves are in each ver­tical module, and ten standard wine case cartons fit perfectly in each locker. Each locker has its own hardware for secur­ing it with a padlock which the customer must furnish and hold the key exclusively.

Access to the lockers is avail-available daily from:

2:30pm to 8:30pm weekdays 9:30am to 8:30pm Saturday 10:30am to 7:30pm sunday

Please call 375-5116 if you are interested in this addit­ional "Cellarmaster" Service.


Harry Waugh-noted British wine authority, was a guest of the Regional Director of LADV­—John Movius, the first week in May. 224 Southland LADV members participated in a double blind/decanted comparison of seven of the top Bordeauxs and five of the best California Reds. The '73 Sterling and '74 Stags Leap Merlots rated high, as did the Spring Mountain '73 and the '72 Heitz Martha's Vineyard Cabernet, against seven French wines that included '73 Lafite, '71 Mouton, and '73 Palmer.

Movius also held a series of four luncheons for Waugh, int­roducing him to the best of California wines, as well as four of the best restaurants. Dr. Al Hausrath, Regional Dire­ctor of the Palos Verdes Chapt­er, and Paul Kalemkiarian, LADV Palos Verdes affiliate store owner represented the Palos Verdes Chapter at these luncheons. Harry commented that California continues to amaze him in its rapid progress in making premium wines. The surprises this time were our Merlots and our Late Harvest wines, which he classified as among the best in the world. He also reported on the French wines, saying that he finds the '75 Pomerols exceptionally fine, better than the '70's.

"Here's health tae yer body An' wealth tae yer purse An' Heav'n tae yer saul– I wiss ye nae worse!"

"Here's to a long life and a merry one; A quick death and an easy one; A pretty girl and a loving one; A cold bottle and another one."

"I love everything that's old– old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wine."

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