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November 1972 Selection of California Wine


This month's selection of California wine is that fine red bur¬gundy type Pinot Noir (Peé-no Nawhr). It was taken from a spec¬ial cuvee bottling, with each bottle bearing the number of the cuvee. This is a practice used only by the premium wineries on the very best wines.

This same Pinot noir grape yields the famous "Blanc de noir" wine of France. Unblended French champagnes are made from this grape. In California, a true Pinot Noir wine is relatively scarce. It produces wines that are soft and harmonious with excellent bou¬quet and flavor. Llords and Elwood Pinot Noir is a good example. $4.25/fifth

November 1972 Selection of Imported Wine


Almost everyone has seen the ads for Mateus on television. The beautiful Portuguese countryside, music, people dancing in the street. What we would tell you about Mateus, is about what everyone who has tried it would; a light fresh slightly sweet rose', very good for everyday all purpose use. A little geog¬raphy about Portuguese wines is in order.

The wine growing areas in Portugal are strictly defined into four areas. The Vinho Verde from the north, Dâo from the Douro Valley, Colares from the coastal vineyards west of Lisbon and Bucelas from just north of Lisbon. The rose's from Portugal come from the Vinho Verde And Dâo areas. Portuguese Ports are from the same area. When you buy a wine from Portugal, you can tell from the label what area it comes from. Come in and read the label on a bottle of Mateus. $2.99/fifth

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