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Reserve Red, 2011. Pat Paulsen
Item # C0214R1DC

Reserve Red, 2011. Pat Paulsen

Vintage: 2011
Varietal: Reserve Red
Vineyard/Appellation: Monterey, California
Color: Deep purple
Nose: Currant, black cherry and chocolate
Palate: Very clean cranberry and soft tannins
Finish: Long and foreboding with cherry and vanilla
Rating: 95
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Drink now through 2015
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I've literally written thousands of Wine of the Month newsletter over the last 40 years. Don't remember making any of them too personal. Until now. The great Pat Paulsen, one of the truly funniest men who ever lived, was a great friend. I met him on the set of The Smothers Brothers show in 1967 when I interviewed him for my college newspaper and then again 15 years later when we toured Colorado selling our wines.

When he'd come to LA, he'd always call and leave tickets for me to see his performances. Probably the best compliment I ever received from anybody was when Pat told me that I was a funny man. I was given an opportunity to visit his winery and even received a wonderful tour and tasting by his lovely wife, Jane.

So, when I hear his son, Monty, is resurrecting the wine company, I had to get in touch with him and tell him of my friendship with his dad and his sister, Terri, who stayed in touch with me daily during Pat's last days in 1997. His dad not only wasn't a winemaker, he really couldn't tell one from the other. When we went to tastings together, he would ask me to taste the wines and tell him if it was okay.

I corresponded with Monty and told him about the Wine of the Month Club and there you have it. Monty was finishing his fermentation science degree at UC Davis in 1990, but unfortunately he would not be able to work in the family winery. Lacking the presence of his star father to sell the wine, Pat really did travel to promote his wines but unfortunately in a sad economy they were forced to close the original winery.

Now, 23 years later, Monty has revived the winery and the brand. The wines of Pat Paulsen Vineyards are made with the same philosophy as they were decades ago by offering great value.

Our selection is primarily Merlot, 89%, with touches of Cabernet Sauvignon and a few others. Obviously, Monty learned his craft well as this is an extraordinary offering at an incredible price. Luscious, soft ripe fruit with a long finish that could match with rack of lamb beautifully.

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