Viognier/Moscato, NV. No Boundaries

Viognier/Moscato, NV. No Boundaries

Item #: C0614W2DC
Vintage: Non Vintage
Varietal: Viognier/Moscato
Vineyard/Appellation: California
Color: Golden
Nose: White peach and honeysuckle
Palate: Asian pear, herbs and lychee
Finish: Clean and crisp
Rating: 93
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Drink now through 2016/12.5% Alcohol
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Our selection is also made by Adler Fels of Mendocino and is the white counterpart to their Ruby Vine. The grape makeup certainly caught our attention. It is made of 42% Viognier, 25% Moscato, 12% Symphony, 10% Semillon and 10% Sauvignon Blanc. At first glance, it seemed a bit of an odd combination.

First of all, Viognier, Moscato and Symphony all have similar flavor profiles. They all have pronounced aromatics, perfume and a fruit basket of flavors. We thought the characteristics would compete instead of compliment. Obviously, these guys know what they're doing since the reverse is true. Yes, they all have these features but they also have individual differences in which this blend shows them off perfectly. The acids derived from the Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc bring them all together.

Viognier is the aristocratic white grown in the Northern Rhone Valley of France. It's a difficult grape to grow and wine to make but many persevere because the rewards are too great not too. The wine can be outstanding as this offering proves. It what adds the subtle lychee and honeysuckle.

Moscato is one of the few grapes that actually tastes like the wine it makes. Surprisingly, most don't. You get an instant burst of musk oil, which coincidentally is how Moscato got its name, but unlike most wines of this nature it has great natural acidity to match. Musk, by the way, is the scent a female deer gives off to attract the male. Use that at will.

The Symphony grape took the country by storm some 25 years ago. It was everywhere and quite popular. It offers an immediately engaging blast of tropical fruit, honeysuckle and musk oil that made it difficult to dislike. But, like most things that start with a blast, it ran its course and eventually faded. But, as in this case, it is still used as a blending grape to give some zip to the other players in the bottle.

No Boundaries is a lively and aromatic wine with a lush mouth feel. Tangerine, citrus rind, lychee and rose petals are layered with a piquant hint of lime. The palate offers lush pineapple and citrus flavors and aromatics that could stand up to anything from sweet/spicy barbecue to chicken salad with grapefruit and pecans.

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