Verdeca, 2011. Moi

Verdeca, 2011. Moi

Item #: L0913W3II
Vintage: 2011
Varietal: Verdeca
Vineyard/Appellation: Puglia, Italy
Color: Greenish tinge
Nose: Green apple, citrus and spice
Palate: Apple, pear and almond
Finish: Very crisp with a touch of guava
Rating: 93
Cellaring/Serving Suggestions: Drink now through 2016
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Vigne E Vini translates to Wines & Vines. Cosimo and Maria Teresa Varvaglione have built a team of dynamic and motivated collaborators, creating a company inspired by the tradition of three generations of the Varvaglione family in the wine sector. A good wine is first of all in the country and reaches its optimal goal only if it is treated in a constant and assiduous in the cellar.

The quality of their wines lies in the meticulous selection of the grapes, the meticulous control of the winemaking process and unrelenting research in perfecting the techniques of cellar. Quality wasn't associated with Puglia, located at the heel of Italy's boot, for hundreds of years. Like most of Southern Italy, it finally learned that making mountains of ordinary wine at prices below their cost wasn't going to get them anywhere but in the poor house. Little by little, they trimmed production and spent more time in the vineyards to improve the wines to where they are today.

Verdeca is a little known grape, as it is principally used to make Vermouth in Piedmont, where it produces unquestionably the finest Vermouth in the world. When carefully matured in the town of Taranto, however, this imposing dry white wine can rival many of the new darlings of Southern Italy, of which there are many.

Taranto is a coastal city sitting right on the Ionian Sea coast. It is the capital of the Province of Taranto and because of where it is situated; it is an important commercial port, as it has been for several millenea. It also serves as the main Italian naval base. It dates back to the 8th century BC when it was founded as a Greek colony. Now the modern city has been built over an ancient Greek necropolis. Later on the Romans connected the city to Rome with an extension of the Appian Way.

The color has a greenish tint with a yellow, transparent hue. The nose has floral perfumes and delicate notes of citrus. The palate is fresh, long and weighty. The finale is persistent with flavors of almond and apple. This is great with shell fish or linguine with clam sauce.

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