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Great Cabernet. $4.99 Seriously.

Dear Wine Lover,

They came to me and said..."we have 249 cases of the Leese-Fitch Cabernet that you loved...and we will let you sell it for $4.99, under one condition." "What is that?" I replied doubtingly..."It can't show up on the internet...it can only be sold through your emails"  "Done" I said trying to hold back my joy...and here it is.

But who else can sell such a great Cabernet for $4.99 except me? Ego aside...no one!

Love this wine....rich flavors of cassis...lingering finish that seems to never end. The package is cool too...clear glass for a Cabernet Sauvignon, quite unusual. And the Zork cap is the latest in wine bottle finishes.

I have seen this wine for as much at $15.99...not here, not now...get it while I have the last of it...$4.99

Get it while I have it...and it is gone.