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These Rosé Wines Are Very Good

Dear Wine Lover,

Take a worldwide tour with these fine Rosé wines from France, America, Italy, and Sicily!

Tis' the season...right now, right here...Rosé is NOT white zinfandel...the only resemblance is in the color. Real Rosé is dry, light on the palate, easy to drink but still interesting to taste... 

Here are 4 favorites: One Sparkling Rosé from Italy, one Still Rosé from Sicily, one Still Rosé from Sonoma and one Still Rosé from the Provence. All of the great examples of their pedigree and all of them ready for the summers eve. 

Try one of these good summer wines, or try them all with our Rose wine club… they are all guaranteed..."You never pay for a wine you do not like at the Original Wine of the Month Club"