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It is our birthday! Can you imagine we have been selecting wines for our members for over 50 years....who does that?

My father started the Original Wine of the Month Club to bring the enjoyment of wine to his customers at Palos Verdes Wines and Spirits. The idea was to taste as many wines as possible and choose the best value in the respective wine categories.

Fifty years later, the same philosophy is at hand. Paul Jr. having tasted over 100,000 wines in his career, carries the torch to only selecting the best values available in the wine trade.

Celebrating The Price Of Our Very First Selections In 1972

It is our birthday! I am taking my pricing back to May of 1972....$6.29 a bottle....its like a way-back machine....I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone....come and get them before I come out of it.


Get 50% Off Your First Club Shipment

Join me on an incredible journey through the world of wine. Each month I will send you two-hand selected wines...(there are many styles to choose from) and along with each shipment I will include tasting notes, cellaring ideas, food pairings, recipes and more. You may cancel at any time with no obligation and along the way "you never pay for wine you do not like".

Pick a club (you may change at anytime)...and enjoy 50% off with our 50th year anniversary!