Admirable Wine - Admirable Price


Dear Wine Lover,

Talk about Admirable wine...lets talk about the Adrmirable price (this price is only going to the members...don't have enough to tell the world!)

This could be the most popular wine of 2018 (so far for sure); our January selection for the classic series.

This Caberent based blend has aged perfectly in the bottle to show us great complexity and spice. The nose is loaded with dried fruit and cloves. Medium body but heavy in complexity, the wine leaves you drying but wanting to taste it again.

I think the complexity of this wine has a lot to do with the fact the Crointeau family found a niche in using Bordeaux varietals from Santa Barbara County.  I have 55 cases left and it will go fast.

I saw it online for $16.99 get it from me for $5.99...whatever is in stock is it and that is the end of it.