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Aged Syrah

Dear Wine Lover,

We've done this before. Offered free aging on some incredible wines.

Same result (incredible value) different story.

I bought these wines to feature in the club. All set until they arrived short 100 cases. The winery owner says "Oh, sorry, we counted wrong," "what if I give you a discount and you just keep it?"

I'm thinking "counted wrong?," "what kind of business is that? Counted wrong?"

Then came the full court press: "If I can sell the wines for $5.99 so I can get them outta here...I will keep them." Silence...then he replied sheepishly "Ok" (you see, the winery price used to be $22).

Carl, the owner, sold Deer Ridge a year or two ago, but wanted to keep these vintages to continue operations at another location. And we love his wines. Here are two vintages of wonderfully aged Syrah.

Be aware: older vintages like these will benefit great from just a few minutes in the glass to open up.

Get them while they last...try both vintages to compare and contrast.