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South American Snow Sale

Dear Wine Lover,

Ugh...seriously, a snow storm in the Andes has messed up all my shipments for the closing months of the year...is this possible? 

Never have I heard this as an excuse for a late delivery......"oh sorry sir, our trucks are at the top of the Andes and can't get through!" replying..."are you serious?...THE TRUCK IS STUCK IN THE SNOW AT THE TOP OF THE ANDES!"  I have heard that the boat got stuck in Panama, I have heard that the truck is stuck in traffic on the 5 freeway, I have heard my dog ate the case of wine...but never this...well then...I guess the only thing to do is put all my South American wines on sale! 

So...to celebrate our miss-fortune and...I put all of our South American wines on sale! From $4.99 to $8.99 pick you favorites and celebrate with me...!