April 2014 Classic, Limited and Vintners Series Wine Tasting

This is incredible...I still wonder how this happened. A few months ago, I went into an open house....literally 4 doors from my home. Went into the wine cellar, pulled a bottle out and it was a Wine of the Month Club Selection from 1990. Confused but excited, I proceeded to pull out all 200 bottles and virtually all of them were our selections...going as far back as 1977!...unreal.

I invited Ed and my father (Paul Sr.) into the studio to taste through some of these archival wines...what a treat...here is the first tasting of two wines we featured in 1988!

This month's selections are a great testimony to their origins....fun wines...fun conversation.

The April Classic, Vintners and Limited Series.

Classic Series Wines For April 2014
Paul and Ed can't seem to get enough of the Classic Series wines
#C0414R1IS - Tempranillo, 2012. Asta
#C0414W1DC - Chardonnay, 2012. Round Hill
#C0414R2DC - Zinfandel, 2011. Oak Grove
#C0414W2DC - Pinot Grigio, 2011. Ooh La La
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Vintners Series Wines For April 2014
Ed loves the Roadside Red and Paul freaks over Silver Buckle
#V0414R1DC - Red Blend, 2011. Roadside Red
#V0414W1IF - Picpoul, 2012. La Domitienne
#V0414R2DC - Red Wine, 2010. Silver Buckle
#V0414W2DC - Friends White, 2012. Pedroncelli
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Limited Series Wines For April 2014
Of course, Ed loves the Riesling...Paul loves the Romainian Chardonnay.
#L0414R1IS - Petit Verdot/Cabernet Sauvignon/Tempranillo, 2009. Vina Aljibes
#L0414R2DC - Zinfandel, 2011. Big Vine
#L0414W3DC - Riesling, 2012. Chacewater
#L0414W4IR - Chardonnay, 2011. Prahova
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Open House Wine Find
Here is the first tasting of two wines we featured in 1988!
Fun times with Paul, Paul Sr and Ed
Limited Series for April 2014