April 2017 Classic, Limited and Vintners Series Wine Tasting

Dear Wine Lover,

I wanted to revisit an interview with Melvin Masters that we presented last year. He is a master of wine brands from all over the world and it turns out our Exem Bordeaux is one of his as well...He has a gift for sourcing incredible values and travels the globe to get it done.

The monthly selections for April  took us to the great wine districts of the world where we uncovered some gems...as well, we re-visited some of our favorites with new vintages...


Paul and Melvin Masters talk about the old days and taste through the new vintages from Tortoise Creek. Good stuff.

Classic Series Wines For April 2017
Wow...what a line-up for the Classic Series capped by a wonderful white Bordeaux from Exem. Ed really liked it.

Vintners Series Wines For April 2017
We are all blessed with the Human Condition...here it is in a bottle. Mendocino Merlot at it's finest.

Limited Series Wines For April 2017
This month Limited Series is WOW...we procured French Burgundy and Italian Pinot Grigio. Ed was happy.

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