August 2013 Classic, Limited and Vintners Series Wine Tasting

I love Chilean wines and what a treat to have Julio Basillas from Matetic wines in the house. We have featured his Chardonnay in the past and I was taken by two Syrahs he brought in a few weeks ago. 

Sometimes I look back at a monthly line-up and say "wow, these are really interesting wines!" And I can say that for August...Seriously, a German Riesling Auslese (Classic Series) from 2005...and then a Gamay Beaujalais (Limited Series)? I can't tell you when I last featured a Gamay...and particularly this good. 

Watch as Ed and I taste the August Classic, Vintners and Limited Series and my interview with Julio Basillas, our Featured Interview.


Classic Series Wines For August 2013
German Auslese, are you serious?
Petite Sirah, 2011. Oak Grove - Item #C0813R1DC
Organic Colombard, 2011. Inspring - Item #C0813W1DC
Syrah, 2012. Goose Creek - Item #C0813R2DC
Riesling, 2005. Klostor - Item #C0813W2IG
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Vintners Series Wines For August 2013
OMG this Pinot Rocks
Pinot Noir, 2009. OMG - Item #V0813R1DC
Riesling, 2008. Klostor - Item #V0813W1IG
Pija Blend, 2007. Talmage - Item #V0813R2DC
Chardonnay, 2011. Zee - Item #V0813W2IR
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Limited Series Wines For August 2013
Forget Ed, just watch this
Gamay, 2009. Celebration - Item #L0813R1IF
Cabernet Sauvignon, 2010. Bateaux - Item #L0813R2IF
Riesling, 2012. Willamette Valley - Item #L0813W3DO
Chardonnay, 2012. Glen Carlou - Item #L0813W4IR
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An Interview with Julio Basillas from Chile.
Great wines and interesting history to Julio Basillas as we taste through a few of his offerings.

Paul and Ed taste the Classic Series for August 2013
Watch as Paul interviews Julio Basillas from Chile