August 2016 Classic, Limited and Vintners Series Wine Tasting

Dear Wine Lover,

Wines are too good. Trip to Dallas too much fun. And the YouTube video of a TV show that I was on in 1980 raceived 38,000 views over the football weekend...I need you to watch to see wht the views jumped...but lets say OJ Simpson and Joe Namath were part of the show (oh, and Bruce Jenner was the host).


We may have lost the game in Dallas...
but in 1980 when I was captain of the Beer Chugging Team...we WON!

Classic Series Wines For August 2016
When I tasted Ed on these wines...he bought some! That just doesn't happen.

Vintners Series Wines For August 2016
Ed projected our Projection would be a hit. He was right...for once.

Limited Series Wines For August 2016
What an amazing cornucopia of wines in the Limited Series...know what I mean Ed?

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