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Babcock Syrah

Dear Wine Lover,

I hate it when this happens...You get an offer, you click or open it, something distracts you or you change your mind. Then when you come back to it, the wine is sold out.

And that's what just happened!

We are all sold out of last week's email special. And I feel bad, we ran out early and if you wanted to try it now, we don't have it.

So I went back in to the warehouse and found three pallets of a gorgeous California Syrah from a great area and a really good winemaker; Brian Babcock.

So, just for the folks that couldn't take advantage of my earlier offer, I am making this special wine available.

This 2009 Syrah from Babcock Vineyards is big and bold. Lots of blueberry and spice with hints of smoke, but not dominating...Great with steak, ribs or red meat sauce pasta dishes.

Get it now. Get it while I have it. $5.99/bottle