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Best Ports Ever

Best Damn Ports Ever

Whether you have been evaluating wine for years or are just learning the nuances of wine, port is one of the great pleasures in the wine world. Port is always welcome after a big holiday meal! Port is wine fortified with brandy during fermentation.

It warms the heart, turns a conversation into a discussion, and makes a simple fire feel like it fills the room. Try it with walnuts and blue cheese crumbles---it will blow your mind!

I have been tasting ports for years...each year they get better and better...the ports listed here are amongst the best line of ports I have tasted.

Something cool: My father opened a 1900 Port (that's right, 100 years old) on New Year's Eve, 2000 (while we were waiting for our computes to blow up). And it was incredible.

Salud and enjoy.

Best Damn Ports Ever