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Bicyclette Merlot

Dear Wine Lover,

We have the French to thank for most of our wine grapes. America really doesn't have any indigenous wine grapes...However, after we brought cuttings over from France and our wine industry began, the French vineyards were attacked by phylloxera and wiped out...So, we sent back some cuttings from our vineyards that originally were in their vineyards!

This Merlot is a noble grape of Bordeaux, France, but grows heartily all over the world. I love this example from the south of France for its rich cherries and plum, from its firm backbone to its long finish. Imported to America by our favorite daughter of Champagne, Claire B., and – like her – this is a real gem.

The retail price is $19.99. I have 1,000 bottles...Get it for $5.99!!!!  I NEED THE ROOM!