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Biggest wine I have ever offered.

Dear Wine Lover,

This is by far one of the biggest wines I have ever tasted...for sure the biggest wine I have ever offered. 

What do I mean by biggest? "Biggest" meaning the most voluptuous. The most extracted. The most layered. The most aromatic. The most most! 

But it isn't cheap. Though I am selling it at 44% off the least expensive Internet Price, it is still $49.00/bottle. A bargain for the experience.  

What happens with wines in this price range? They are priced sometimes for their name and sometimes for their history. This wine has neither of those going for it. It only has what is inside the bottle and what is inside will put you in a trance. A trance searching for how to describe it's flavors and how to verbalize the balance that so often eludes wines of this structure.

So, if you are inclined to taste a $90 wine (worth that) for $49, here is your chance. I have two vintages, both incredible, each slightly different. Watch the video to see and hear the differences.