My Best French...On Sale. Oui.

Dear Wine Lover,

UUUUGGGHHH......I have become a Francophile, I don't know how it happened....I didn't even like Paris the first time I went! Now...I can't get enough of the culture and the wines.

And to introduce you to how great they can be...I will include FREE with every 12 bottle order a Wine Aerator to increase your enjoyment: A $25.00 Value FREE!

Let's face it folks, they had been making wine in France for 100's of years before we brought over some of their clippings to plant our world acclaimed wines.

Mix & Match 12 Bottles and get this Wine Aerator FREE. A $25 ValueIn celebration of our birthday and our trip to France to find more great wines...I hand-picked my favorites...many that were brought into America just for you from very small French import companies...