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I Am HALF Price of Overstock.Com!

Dear Wine Lover,

I am giving you your first CASE FREE...that's right, 12 bottles of my hand selected wines for FREE.

Question: "What is the best way to store my wines?"
Answer: "In a wine refrigerator I got for ½ price from Wine of the Month Club!"

Don't ask how a guy like me can not only compete with Overstock.com...but hands down beat them at their own game. It just is.

And it is absolutely correct. I am half-price of Overstock.com.

These are front line products from Royal Wine Caves and the exact models on Overstock.com right now...only difference is, I am half price.

These coolers are made from solid hardwood with beautiful mahogany pull-out drawers (very nice sliders). Temperature and humidity controls with LED readout of the information. There is a defrost mode and display Celsius or Fahrenheit. These are (1) zone constant temperature units (personally, I have never understood the reason for dual zone). I have various models (see pics) starting with 48 bottles; some have wine glass racks while others have a non-temperature controlled wine rack incorporated.

Get them while I have them. I only have 12 units...I can deliver in Southern California for $175 and can quote you outside of SoCal.

You will look pretty official with one of the beautiful units in your home or garage, and you know I feel generous...I will throw in the first case of wine. That's right, I will throw in the first twelve bottles of wine to start your Royal Wine Cave off on the right foot, a $150 Value Free!