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Bordeaux. Cheap. Don't miss them.

A chance in life is all we can ask for...and here is a chance to taste wines from the two sides of the famed Dordogne River in Bordeaux France...and I do it for $9.99 a bottle...take your shot at life.

Bordeaux France. Home of the most storied and iconic wines of the world...but did you know there are over 10,000 Chateaux there and it is also home of some of the greatest values...if you know where to look.

Turns out I got friends! And they scour all the regions of France to look for these gems...we found two  in Bordeaux from opposite sides of the Dordogne River!

And I want you to try at least one....and really you should try both...to see how different they can be from the two distinct sides of the river.

From the left bank, The Le Fleur Lissac 2011....Violets and candied fruit.
From the right bank, Carmine de Monicord 2011....Earth and cherry.

This is perhaps one of the great "taste offs" you can have in the wine world.