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How do I do it? $5.99

Dear Wine Lover,

I love this. I really do.  Maybe I am an egotist because I like this so much...after all, it does make me look good. 

You can buy this wine at what might be the most recognized wine site on the web for $14 or you can get it from me for $5.99. 

And you know, if I paid $14 for it, I would be very happy about the value...it is really nice wine (I would actually put it at $20 compared to all the wines I taste)...it is really nice wine, and worth every bit of $14. 

I think the point is moot...get it here, get it now for $5.99 until I run out...and it will shortly. 

This is a Reserve Cabernet from a family owned winery in the Andes mountains of Chile...such great character with hints of oak and berries. You can pour this at any occasion to rave reviews. 

Only 301 cases and the 2010 is bye-bye.

Elsewhere $14.99. WOMC Price $5.99