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Excellent Pinot Noir at $5.99!

Dear Wine Lover,

You see, usually when I get wine this good to sell at $5.99, there is only enough to satisfy a small group...and so when the winery said, "I've got to get this out of the warehouse to move the 2010 into bottle, " I jumped all over it...I can tell you that they weren't that happy about my offer...but were compelled to accept it...Who buys this much?

From the movie "Sideways":

"The Pinot Noir grape has been cultivated perhaps since antiquity in Burgundy. And it is precisely this ancient and inherited winemaking knowledge that has contributed to its success."

And success is what we have right here...not in a movie...right here, right now...at $5.99/bottle...success is an understatement.

I have been watching these wines for years. Always like the wines. Always thought they were really well made. But had never tasted the Pinot Noir...OMG!

What blew me away about this wine was that A) It is clearly Pinot Noir B) It rivals some of the bigger Sonoma and Napa versions at ¼ the price and C) We were able to get enough to satisfy the entire membership.

Get as little or as much as you want...I have 547 cases...don't wait too long...Pinot Noir at this price, this good, definitely will be gone.