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Get your Crosshairs on this Crossfire

Dear Wine Lover,

If someone said, "Paul, pick a sentimental favorite from last year's Classic Series wines," I would reply, "OK, the JanKris Crossfire."  

Why? That's easy... Really good. Really inexpensive. A bargain from its tasting room price of $17.99. 

Here is the deal. When I buy, in order to service the needs of our members, I ask the wineries to keep a reserve just for me. No one can have it. No one can touch it (until I say so). 

When this wine sold out in December, I called the winery and said, "Hey, I want my hold back. All of it" Because I get the same price I did when I bought much more, I can offer it to my members at a great price. 

So here is the last of all of it...the last 240 cases at $5.99 bottle. Buy (1) bottle or (100). $5.99 (+ s/h)