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Their loss is our gain. Sorry about that.

Dear Wine Lover,

The Deer Ridge WinesDeer Ridge was a thriving quality winery. I had tasted their wines many times. Last year they sold out to a larger group. This could have been the end of the story.

And then enters Wine of the Month Club, and a relationship with the original owner. He is tired. He wants out.

We want in.

So I get these two samples: Petite Sirah, and his Special Blend. Petite Sirah: Big, viscous wine with tons of fruit and blackberry...long full finish. I flip over it. Then the Special Blend: I can't control myself. I pick up the phone from in the tasting room to confirm that I can sell these wines for $6.99---after all, they sold for $20 in the winery's tasting room.

I only have 103 cases of the Special Blend (Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon) and 112 cases of the Petite Sirah. That's it. Well, there might be a little less, because I am taking some home.

Folks, these are really good. Really inexpensive.