$4.99 is the price, you choose the wine.

Dear Member,

Let's kill two birds with one stone. You get great wines at $4.99 and I can clear out my warehouse and avoid paying taxes on the inventory come January 1st.

Yes, that is what happens. When we do inventory on Monday, Janaury 3rd, I have to pay income tax on everything we have in stock…so the way to avoid the taxes is to get it out of the warehouse. I figure if I mark it down to $4.99, I'll move enough out to make a difference. So here they are!

These are great wines. The OMG and Painted Van were huge hits at Christmas….and the Tcherga is such an interesting wine from Bulgaria. What can I say about the Oak Grove; they just keep making great wines.

They are all priced at $4.99/bottle….mix and match….buy 1 or 100! Just use promo code NOTAXES during checkout. Must be logged in to receive promo discount. Offer Expires Midnight PST 12/31/10.