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Famous. Famous. Famous. $4.99

American Pie Merlot Just $4.99/bottle

Dear Wine Lover,

Folks...this is insane. Here is a Merlot from one of the most famous winemaking families in history (Mondavi for instance!). Period. 

They produce this incredible Merlot, perfect for the summer barbecue or as a sipper in the veranda... 

Get it from Them for $18.99 or Get it from Me for $4.99

But then they offer it to me to sell for $4.99!!!  I am like WHATTTTTT! As I am telling myself "Keep your mouth shut and take the deal before they figure out what they just gave away!"

Here it is...the nose is full of fruit, the palate is medium in weight but loaded with blackberry and spice and the finish is smooth and lingering. 

I can't take credit for the wine...but I can take credit for the deal.