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Paul in the Wine of the Month Club Fine Wine Cellar

Dear Wine Lover,

I am asked quite frequently if expensive wines are that much better than good inexpensive wines. A simple question with a complicated answer. The rub lies in the adage "you cannot make good wine from bad grapes, but you can make bad wine from good grapes." And you can make the assumption that pedigreed wineries of pedigreed vineyards produce good grapes. So it would stand to reason that given a famed winery with good grapes, they will make good wine. But is it worth the difference… It is true that brand imagery in the wine business has much to do with the price. Can the average wine drinker ascertain the difference between Opus and good Cabernet Sauvignon (meaning can that person identify the price difference in the character); probably not (because there probably isn't one).

However, those brands are necessary. A wine enthusiast needs to know these wines…needs to be able to say I have tasted this or that and find that… Or a wine enthusiast needs to have these bottles in their collection to open at those occasions where he/she needs to impress, not only because of the expense but because wines like these show one's appreciation and understanding of the history of wine.

I went to the Wine of the Month Club Cellar and I hand chose 9 incredible wines with extraordinary pedigree and history. Wines you can buy with absolute confidence and satisfaction. Wines to pour at those special occasions and times where the extra thought needs to be on display.

Take a look at these wines….and the pricing is set at the best legitimate price I could find on the web.

Offer expires Wednesday, May 16th at Midnight.