February 2015 Classic, Limited and Vintners Series Wine Tasting

This is good stuff. I like Champagne and we had a surprise visit from a 6th generation Champagne house on Tuesday...I was so impressed I asked if they could come back for a video interview the following day ...and here it is.

Of course, Ed was in rare form on tasting day...and I had to temper his crankiness. As usual, I continue to stump him with the value we are offering each and every month...of course, Ed brought  us one of this month's selections ...and he was more impressed during our video tasting than the day we made the deal.

Good wines. Good friends. Good Times. The February Classic, Vintners and Limited Series..

Cyril Bonnet -  A 6th Generation Champagne Maker
This is very cool. 6th generation Champagne maker....very fun interview and wine.
Classic Series Wines For February 2015
More jokes, laughs, and an introduction to the Classic Series lineup for February 2015
#C0215R1DC - Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012. Gravelly Ford
#C0215W1IC - Pinot Gris, 2013. Rai
#C0215R2DC - Cabernet Sauvignon, 2013. RedTree
#C0215W2DC - Chardonnay, 2012. Silver Buckle
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Vintners Series Wines For February 2015
We taste some great new wines for the Vintners series.
#V0215R1IF - Malbec, 2013. Accoutre
#V0215W1IZ - Riesling, 2010. Villa Maria
#V0215R2II - Sangiovese, 2011. Palazzo
#V0215W2IS - Verdejo, 2014. Spanish Eye
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Limited Series Wines For February 2015
The Limited Series is here, our hard -to-find Bordeaux really impresses Ed.
#L0215R1IF - Bordeaux, 2010. Grand Verdus
#L0215R2IA - Pinot Noir, 2013. Alpataco
#L0215W3IR - Sauvignon Blanc, 2014. Villiera
#L0215W4IZ - Sauvignon Blanc, 2013. Yorkshire
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Watch as Paul and Ed introduce the Classic series wines for February 2015
Watch what happens next...
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