February 2016 Classic, Limited and Vintners Series Wine Tasting

What a pleasant surprise when Julianna Del Aguila from Fin del Mundo and Karras winery visited the set here at Wine of the Month Club to talk about Argentinian Wine...

And then we have the February line-up, great wines...Great values!


Julianna Del Aguila Visits Us
Watch the Charming Julianna Del Aguila
from Karras and Fin Del Mundo wineries. Love her accent..

Classic Series Wines For February 2016
The Tipping Point Chardonnay tipped Ed all the way over.

#C0216R1IS - Garnacha, 2014. El Gordo
#C0216R2DC - Merlot, 2014. Oak Grove
#C0216W1DC - Chardonnay, 2013. Tipping Point
#C0216W2IC - Sauvignon Blanc, 2015. Gaucho
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Vintners Series Wines For February 2016
The train left Ed's station a long time ago, don't miss our Monrovia Station Merlot...

#V0216R1DC - Merlot, 2011. Monrovia Station
#V0216R2II - Pinot Noir, 2013. Black Oak
#V0216W1DC - Chardonnay, 2013. Rock & Vine
#V0216W2DC - CHardonnay, 2013. M
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Limited Series Wines For February 2016
I was absolutely intrigued by the Balbo Malbec. So was Ed.

#L0216R1IA - Malbec, 2012. Balbo
#L0216R2DC - Merlot, 2014. Martellotto
#L0216W3DC - Viognier, 2013. Pugilist
#L0216W4IZ - Sauvignon Blanc, 2014. Terroir
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Watch as Paul and Ed introduce the Vintners series wines for February 2016

Julianna Del Aguila at Wine of the Month Club

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