Free Wine Accessory with every gift.

Dear Wine Lover,

BTW, OMG. FG. Translate please: 

By the way...Oh my gosh...Free Gift.

New this year with EVERY  monthly gift subscription, your gift recipient receives a FREE WINE ACCESSORY with the initial shipment.

Each club and length of subscription has it's own FREE GIFT. So when the first shipment arrives, your gift recipient keeps pulling items out of the box...they will marvel at the selection and quality of the presentation.

The big "kahuna" on this deal is the 12-month California Series subscription. We throw it all at 'em. If I have a kitchen sink, I'd send that too!.

Give the gift that continues as long as you want and reminds your gift recipient of your generosity...and the FREE GIFT is included.

Shop with confidence. I have been doing this longer than anybody in the 30 years!

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