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Burgundy Versus Bordeaux

The Cellarmaster, Paul Kalemkiarian.In France, terroir is king and the wines I have chosen are indicative of their respective regions and a great exercise in evaluation. I have compared and contrasted each and deliberately chose them for their expression.

Order some to taste and some to lay down...you will be happy, enthused, enlightened and plain ol'giddy..

Pommard, 2012. Louis Jadot
(Burgundy) $49/bottle

As predicted by its district, this version is a bit darker and more drying than the two others on our list. Pommard is south west of the main town of Beaune and of late had become respected for its bolder Pinot Noir. Big and deeper, this one can adorn a beef dish.

Nuits St George, 2012. Louis Jadot (Burgundy) $43/bottle

To the North of Beaune is Nuit St George. Wines of elegance are what NSG is known for with sturdy backbone to live a long life. As with the Pommard, you can lay these down for years. Softer fruit and more complexity mark a classic NSG…as does this version from Louis Jadot.


Gevrey-Chambertin, 2012. Louis Jadot (Burgundy) $43.00

Yet even further north of NSG is Gevrey-Chambetin, Gevery-Chambertin is no less collected. Pinot Noir from here seems to be deeper in color and firmer than other areas, the wines are known to develop into elegant, balanced examples. We think our Louie Jadot is no different.


St. Emilion,  2011. Le Petit Cantenac (Bordeaux) $45/bottle

Merlot is the granddaddy of grape in this historic and picturesque district of Bordeaux. Narrowed cobblestone streets lined with wine shops signify you are now in St. Emillion. This right bank district boasts long lived, deep wines that have firm structure and earth notes. Let the rivalry begin.

Pomerol, 2011. Lécuyer
(Bordeaux) $52/bottle

A close neighbor of our St Emillion, the Pommerol is unique in that it, as a district, is unclassified (from the designation of 1855 putting vineyards into "growths".) Interestingly, despite being omitted from classification, the most famous Pommerol, Cht. Petrus, out bids all the first growth wines in price and desirability. This one is deep in color and typical to the region in full body and opulent.

St. Julien, 2011 Cht. Peymartin
(Bordeaux) $40/bottle

St. Julien is the commune for wine connoisseurs who seek reliable, subtle but expressive Bordeaux.  The area suffers from "status envy" in that is has no first growth classifications but (5) second growths and (2) and (4) third and fourth growths respectively…but produces wines of great intrigue and reward.