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To Sell at $5.99, I Signed a Non-Disclosure.

Dear Wine Lover,

They actually made me sign a non-disclosure agreement. What is up with that? Now, I see why. 

Everyone  else sells this incredible Zinfandel for $14 and I'm selling it for $5.99..They were worried someone might find out (You found out, didn't you!)

I poured this at a very important dinner Saturday night and people were coming up to me saying… 

"This is really nice wine…"

"I know" I replied "What if I told you it was $5.99!"

"Where can I get some" was usually the response. 

Great appellation, great grape at an incredible price. 

I only have 238 cases before there  is no more.

Merlot you ask? I have very little of this so act fast before it is all gone...$5.99 for this great 2010 Paso Robles Merlot, Ocean Song.