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Dear Wine Lover,

WAtch as Paul tastes the Garmendia Tempranillo from Spain. A rare find.Down to my last 56 cases, so this final offer is only available to previous lovers of this great Tempranillo.

Where the heck is Arlanza, Spain? I know Rioja, I know Madrid, I know Cataluña, I know Ribero del Duero...Turns out that Arlanza is the newest of wine origins to receive official designation (though they have been making wine since the 17th century over there).

Regardless, this is a really good wine. Unfortunately, what I have is all there is in this country. And since I bought it all, I am able to offer you this bottle of Garmendia wine well below retail at $5.99/bottle. If I walked into a wine shop and the proprietor recommended I taste this wine at $18...I would be happy.

And this is what I love about wine: finding these gems in the hundreds of wines I taste throughout the month. Sitting in my tasting room was this lone bottle of Tempranillo---didn't recognize the region, didn't recognize the maker. So I opened it.

And POW...right in the face. This wine jumps out of the glass and makes you want more. I only have 336 56 cases. It won't take much before it is gone.

Don't miss this one.