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Gift of the Week

The Wagners come from a long line of grape growers and winemakers in Napa Valley, with a farming tradition dating back to the 1850s. Chuck Wagner's parents, Lorna Belle Glos and Charlie Wagner Sr., were both born to families that helped shape Napa Valley's wine industry in the late 1800s and beyond, through their hard work, dedication, pioneering spirit, and resilience in the face of adversity. They are the Glos, Stice, and Wagner families.

It was in 1972 that Charlie and Lorna -along with their son Chuck - decided to go "all in" and formalize the family's long-standing tradition of winemaking when they recognized they could make a better living by selling the great quality "home" wines they had been making from grapes they were growing on their property. They established their own winery and decided to name it "Caymus Vineyards," after a Mexican land grant owned by George Yount that had once encompassed their land.

In 1975, Chuck and his dad noticed that there were a few barrels that tasted better than the rest, so they decided to separate them from the batch and bottle them under a new label called "Special Selection." In 1989, Wine Spectator awarded them the prestigious "Wine of the Year Award" for their 1984 Caymus Special Selection Cabernet Sauvignon, and again five years later for their 1990 vintage. While it's true that Caymus Vineyards is the only winery in the world to have twice earned Wine Spectator's highest accolade, the Wagners did not stop there - it motivated them to keep striving to make better and better wines each and every year.

This gift pack represents three great vintages of Wagner family influenced wines. It is little known that the Wagner family and the Hope family are long time partners in wine (grape purchasing and consulting).

The Hope family has been farming in Paso Robles for more than 30 years. When they arrived in this barely-discovered region, they planted apples and grapes. Little did they know that the rolling oak-studded terrain of Paso Robles would one day become viticultural terroir of significance. And one of the top winegrowing regions for quality red wine within the Central Coast.

Their Cabernet Sauvignon has become a mainstay of curated cellars around the world and continues in popularity each year. Though Cabernet Sauvignon does well in Paso Robles, many winemakers love the way the region handles Rhone varietals such as Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre. The Austin Hope Grenache is an incredible expression of the grape grown across the globe in a completely different terroir. An incredible gift for any wine enthusiast.

Every wine enthusiast in the world can relive the wine event of the century when the California wines beat the French in their tasting. The story is fascinating, the wines incredible, and the ensuing discussion scintillating.

Now you can give history in a bottle with my Judgement of Paris gift box. Your recipient receives a bottle of the current vintages of the famed winners and an autographed book from George Taber, the only journalist to show up and document the event. Truly one of a kind gift and limited in supply.

Give will be most certainly received with a "WOW".

My gift of the week is for the Silver Oak lovers out there (that can include you too). Established in 1972, Silver Oak became a Napa Valley icon and continues to be sought after by wine enthusiasts all over the world.

One little bit of history....the Original Wine of the Month Club and Silver Oak winery started the same year....we have both grown through the ascent of California wine within the world of wine. We were both founded on the philosophy that it takes true passion and love of what you do to survive almost 50 years in an industry where corporate buy-outs and boutique start-ups are the norm.

Give me your custom gift message, and I will ship 1 or 2-bottle gifts in our elegant black gift box in time for the holidays. ORDER NOW< SHIP LATER.