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Why I get such good wine deals

Dear Member,

Why do I get such good wine deals ?Filene's Basement has nothing on me!

"Why do you get such good wine deals?" is a common question.  Sometimes I ask that myself.

So, instead of guessing, I asked the wineries and the importers the very same question. Here is a sample of what I heard:

  • "We know that you send the wine to people that have never heard of us"
  • "You pay your bills on time"
  • "We want to be part of an organization like yours that presents our product professionally"
  • "You tell our story"
  • "The Wine of the Month Club is a great way to get people to try our wine"

Makes sense. You see, I taste over 300 wines a month to arrive at these selections and I want you to try these wines.

Let me sweeten the pot.

I just want you to give me a chance.  Buy any quantity (mix and match) and I will take an additional 15% off the already discounted price.

I am already 10-15% below retail and now I am 25%-30% below retail, hence my Filene's comment.

Click here to try some of these great wines at our special prices.

Why would I do this? Like my kids say, "because!" I hope that you get a feel for the value we offer here and that you might become a member one day (which is free to become, BTW).