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Great wine. And I helped the guy.

The Sanclemente WinesDear Wine Lover,

ONLY FOR PREVIOUS CUSTOMERS OF THIESE WINES...Take another $1.00 off per bottle! That is correct...NOW $5.99/bottle

A few weeks ago one of the good guys in this business brought some extraordinary wines from Chile. I tasted. I liked (all of them). I bought.

Then I really don't know what happened. He called with a desperate tone. Needed to move all the wine he presented at once out of his warehouse and needed to be paid COD (that just doesn't happen in my business).

I didn't want to pry. I felt bad for the guy and wanted to help. "How much?" I asked. "Sell it for $5.99," he replied. Glad I was not on a Skype call, or he would have seen my glee.

Problem is I had to take it all and take it now. It arrives today and I really don't want it hanging around (don't have the space or the time.)

So I bring them to you at $5.99/bottle. Mix and match. Buy one bottle or one hundred.