Greg Norman..Winemaker or Golfer

Paul interviews Morgan Norman of Greg Norman EstatesDear Member,

When I interviewed Morgan Norman, Global Marketing Director/Executive Chef of Greg Norman Estates, my comment to her was: 

"I don't think people know that your father makes wine"...and she replied..."There are some of my customers that don't know he plays golf!"

This is the real deal folks. The Greg Norman Estates has been producing wine for 15 years!

Such an interesting story and what a compelling interview.

Order 12 bottles and you will receive the Shortcuts On Wine CD FREEThe wines are an excellent value and I have made them available at great prices. I picked my favorites from both his Australian and California portfolio.

Check out his offerings and have a listen to this great interview.

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So have at it. Great wines, great interview, great golfer...doesn't come together any better.

World renowned golfer Greg Norman's passion for fine wine became the genesis of Greg Norman Estates, a collection of wines produced from some of the finest growing regions in Australia and California. An avid wine collector and strong believer in the role of wine in an active, easygoing lifestyle, Greg's aim was to produce approachable wines that compete with the best in the world.

Greg Norman...Winemaker or GolferMany people assume that he prefers Australian wine above all others, because that is where Greg Norman Estates originated, but it isn't true. For him it depends on the situation, menu choice and mood. He is more of a casual wine drinker than an intense wine connoisseur, and therefore drinks whatever wine he has a desire for at that moment.

Greg also thinks it is important to drink whatever wine you feel like with whatever food is being served. There are so many conflicting "rules" out there on what wine to drink with what dish, that you could make an argument that all of them should be broken. For instance, either while dining out or at home, he might choose a Chardonnay to accompany a juicy steak or a Pinot or lighter Cabernet or Merlot with chicken. Anything can work as long as you enjoy it.

Norman picked Paso Robles for his some of his wines of the California brand. Paso Robles is becoming a world renowned region of California's Central Coast Wines from this region are bold and have begun to receive accolades in competitions around the globe.

Perhaps, in my humble opinion (Morgan's too), the best place for distinctive California Pinot Noir is Santa Barbara. This one is strawberries and raspberries with notes of cedar.

I found the interview with Morgan Norman quite compelling and was intrigued with the wines. I have made available each wine we tasted on camera and of course, the Petite Sirah is a June selection of the Vintners Series.

Salud, and enjoy both the interview and the wines.