GSM from Gallician

Dear Wine Lover,

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The French learned that hundreds of years ago. By blending grapes that have high acid content and aging potential with grapes with more fruit and less acid, the resulting cuvee can not only be drunk young but it will age as well. It took California wineries many years to embrace the idea of blending (I remember on my father's shelves at the wine shop, "100% Cabernet Sauvignon" was displayed on some labels as a badge of honor).

Such is the case with our GSM from Gallician. This red powerhouse wine blended from Grenache (spice and rich fruit), Syrah (dark fruit and depth) and Mourvèdre (acid and structure) epitomizes the reality of our equation (the whole is greater than the sum of its parts).

My friend (and French wine importer) tapped her friend at Gallician to fashion this blend and WOW...And since we featured it in August 2017, it has only continued to develop in the bottle.

A steal at $7.99/bottle...ORDER NOW only 35 cases left and it is gone!

Offer expires Sunday, June 24th at Midnight PDT.