Hosting the Perfect Wine Tasting Party

Hosting a Wine Tasting Party

The Perfect Wine Tasting

YOU can host the perfect wine tasting party! Will it be a vertical tasting or a horizontal tasting? What wines will you choose for your guests? And how will you set the mood? We like to say there are five S's of wine tasting: see, sniff, savor, spit and say. At your party, we'll begin by seeing and sniffing, then savoring! What separates a wine tasting from simply drinking different wines? A large part of it is the theme of the selection. Whether you drink all the wine you taste, or swirl it in your mouth and spit it out, is up to you. The final step, stating your assessment of each wine, is what brings your guests together, sharing their experiences. What can you say about the wine?

Here, we discuss some things to consider when throwing a wine tasting party. You'll discover all this and more as a member of the Original and Only Wine of the Month Club.