Huge Bear

Dear Wine Lover,

You Must Taste This Wine
(And the 53% off isn't bad either) 

Each time I pour this wine whether at home or in the tasting room, I get "WOW" and "this is really good" and "I have to taste that again".

The Knights Valley appellation is known for bridging the gap between the famed Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Rich in volcanic soil, this area propagates deep grape berries that create wines of great structure and balance.

I taste many wines from this area and have always loved Sonoma anyway. But this...this HUGE wine came to my doorstep a few weeks ago and was offered to me for half price.

Half price? A wine of this caliber at half price? How much you got?

I implore you to try this behemoth of a wine and experience the Knights Valley in all that it has to offer in this great vintage. My search on the web shows the wine sells for $75/bottle if you can find it.

Get it here for $35.00/bottle...that's 53% OFF.

Folks, they don't come much richer and dense that this. Dark chocolate and dried fruit in the nose, lots of spice and layers too. The palate is full bodied with the same layers peeking out and the finish long and appetizing.

Though a big wine, savor the wine on it's own before serving with games meats, charred London broil or NY steak.

Salut. PK