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Impressive Vintages On Sale

Paul in his Cellar

Dear Wine Lover,

I earn a living on the fact that great wine does not have to cost a lot...in fact, there are a lot wines wines that cost a lot and are not good value. Except for these wines: You see, I also believe there are times when that extra special vintage is needed to impress, or the excitement of a special wine is appropriate.

Times when a special wine might be needed:

1.)     The boss is coming for dinner.
2.)     The new baby just arrived (maybe two bottles)
3.)     A wedding
4.)     A divorce
5.)     Clients that expect to be treated.
6.)     Graduation from somewhere or something
7.)     A milestone in your life.

The list can go on...so I have taken the liberty to accumulate some very special wines from not only their pedigree but their character. Each individually curated by me for the same reasons...and now on sale. I can't offer the BIG discounts that you have come to be familiar with...but I can offer great prices.