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Incredible Cabernet. 50% off

Dear Wine Lover,

Wine.com sells this wine for $18.99…I have it for $9.99. 

Cabernet Sauvignon is the noblest of noble grapes. Responsible for the longest living red wines, it has a back bone of firm acidity and can show great balance as it ages. 

Argentina has long  been a source of world class Cabernet Sauvignons and they began to arrive in America in larger quantities around 1985 or so. Now using New World techniques, Argentina is producing Cabernet Sauvignons that rival their American and French counterparts. Just as complex and just as age worthy, these gems from both Chile and Argentina have found their way on to the wine lists of the swankiest restaurants. 

This example is loaded with layers dark fruit and dark choclate. Indicative of the prolific Mendoza growing region of Argentina, the body is frim but gives way to spice and cacao in the finish (maybe even a hint of coffee). 

I offer this find to only my customers who have purchased Cabernet from us in the past...I only have 52 cases (and they can't make any more 2011!)