January 2018 Classic, Limited and Vintners Series Wine Tasting

Dear Wine Lover,

What an interesting conversation with Kevin Hall, Winemaker at famed Alexander Vineyards. One of the wineries that made California wines famous still lives with great wines. 

I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to taste wine for a living...but more fun is having all of you enjoying them.

Ed is a pain the tookus, but one of the most knowledgeable wine guys I know.


Jacques Lardière stops by to talk with Paul about Burgundy winemaking and branching out to new territories.

Classic Series Wines For January 2018
Chalk Hill's Pinot Noir might not be the color you expect, but it's classic Pinot, through and through.

Vintners Series Wines For January 2018
Featuring two very different, indicative and expressive wines from the lesser-known Duché d'Uzès A.O.C. in France.

Limited Series Wines For January 2018
Campalazard's Cabernet is an unexpected find with superb, balanced fruitiness. Cleebourg's Riesling is an Alsace beauty.

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